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Since lawmakers voted to subpoena the state’s voter registration system information two weeks ago, many Pennsylvania Democratic leaders have launched far-fetched accusations about what would happen to that data when ‘they will eventually be transmitted by the State Department.

The attorney general claims the subpoena will compromise the privacy rights of Pennsylvanians. Senate Democrats said private voting information will be released and personal information will be exposed.

Reality? None of this could be further from the truth.

The politicians who tell these great stories know that there is a better chance that a Pennsylvanian will be struck by a meteor than having their personal information compromised by our election investigation. Unfortunately, many members of the media have bought into their false narrative and created doubts in the minds of good and honest citizens.

The reason the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Operations cited this information to appear is to compare and verify whether or not our voter registration system contains duplicate voters, dead voters, and / or illegal voters. Former Auditor General Eugene DePasquale – a Democrat – requested the same information for the same purpose in 2019, when he documented major concerns about the SURE system and the existence of hundreds of thousands of records of problems in the system.

Do you remember the outcry from Attorney General Shapiro, the Democrats in the PA Senate or the media over the confidentiality issues related to this request in 2019? Neither do I.

But, what you might not know is that this same crowd prevented him from getting the records after realizing what he was going to find out. Will Governor Wolf and his administration ever let someone out of his control verify the integrity of the recording?

The truth is, the legislature has an impeccable record when it comes to protecting the personal information of Pennsylvanians.

Whenever a voter has a problem with PennDOT, they share their driver’s license number with us. Whenever a voter has a problem with the unemployment benefit system, they share their social security information with us.

How many times has this information been compromised by Republicans in the Senate?

The idea that this information will be compromised is just not realistic. Our history and track record confirms these imaginary concerns and improbable assumptions.

I conducted investigations for much of my adult life, both in the military and in the private sector. I have yet to let a single sensitive piece of information fall into the wrong hands. I will not allow this streak to end now.

Senate Republicans have pledged to take whatever steps are necessary to protect this information. This includes insisting on the language of contracts with potential suppliers to ensure information security; force any staff member of the supplier who accesses this information to sign non-disclosure agreements or face criminal prosecution; and make information security a key consideration when deciding which vendor to select.

The committee will do everything in its power to ensure that the provider who manages this information will keep the information private exactly – private.

Mark Twain once said that it’s easier to cheat on someone than to convince them they’ve been duped. This is exactly what Attorney General Shapiro and Senate Democrats are banking on.

My message to the Pennsylvanians is: don’t be fooled. Do not buy into the spurious propaganda of politicians who actively try to protect our electoral system from transparency. Trust me to do exactly what I have promised since I resumed this effort over a month ago: to conduct an honest, responsible and secure investigation into our elections, with loyalty.


Pennsylvania Senator Cris Dush represents the 25th Senate District, which includes Cameron, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Potter and Tioga counties and parts of Clearfield County. Prior to his election to the State Senate, Dush, a Republican, served as a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for six years, representing the 66th Legislative District.

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