Former Baseball Players Show Their Appreciation For Their Former Coach

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – In the city of Biloxi, Spud Wieniewitz was the man who coached baseball for years, led the baseball team to 8 championships while changing the sports world in the city.

But for his players, he was a teacher.

“Spud taught us about life the way he did baseball,” Carl Rackley said.

“Teach us to do things the right way no matter what. Whether it’s in school, in baseball or in life,” said John Welter. “He taught us to do it the right way. He insisted that we do it the right way.

“The effort that went into making sure that us ex-players could play a game that we loved to play as teenagers was incredible,” said Brian Kozlowski.

For Spud, he was trying to pass on what he had learned when he was growing up.

“I guess I just needed to be that person to help those guys, give them a little bit of guidance as they grow up where I grew up,” Spud Wieniewitz said.

Spud says he was able to teach his players and take them to many championships with a little help from his wife.

“She was a great guide in everything I did and allowed me to coach and be part of the community as she and I were both retired teachers,” Wieniewitz said. ” I am very honored. I’m very honored and appreciate them saying that impacted me and them, so I’m just thankful and thankful.

“He deserves it. We love him. He’s been a hugely influential man in a lot of our lives,” Kozlowski said.

“Thank you Spud. Thank you for everything. We love you,” Welter said.

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