LETTER: Children are paying the price for GOP tactics | Opinion

A former U.S. president writes, “The Carter Center makes the world a safer and freer place for you, me, and our children by preventing disease and suffering, advancing democracy, and nurturing hope and freedom. . Wouldn’t we all want that? Yet Republican leaders in Wisconsin have proven… they don’t want it. Their only mission… is to stay in power.

To do this, they concoct conspiracy theories and distort or lie about facts. They use scare tactics to sow division. These actions prompted threats and harassment of local officials across the state. Republican politics is only intended to keep those who unfortunately support their ideals, or who are simply duped, in suspense. Democracy is out the window.

GOP leaders don’t care about the consequences of their actions, so we are all paying the price, especially the children. Fans, who lead by example, tell their children: don’t trust teachers or historical facts, be afraid of doctors and their vaccines, that weapons are the best way to solve problems, that “the poor /minorities/immigrants/LGBTQ/or just people of color” – have a lower status, that only certain religious beliefs should be tolerated and scientists don’t believe.

Is this really the message we want to send to future generations?

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