Letter: Unvaccinated Whiners Use Tactics for Toddlers | Opinion

To the Editor – First, I’m still a Republican, but I just didn’t drink the Kool-Aid…

With headlines showing how the governor continues to implement masking and vaccination requirements, I can’t help but think of the similarities between beleaguered politicians and novice parents raising toddlers. Most politicians, and all new parents, start out with the best intentions for their constituents and their children. However, toddlers learn very early on, whining and negotiating become effective counteroffensives.

In politics, those who disagree with a higher ranking elected official swear to “stand up and fight” for any group that gets re-elected. This offers them a promising political future well beyond their positions on the board, commissioner or school board. For toddlers, negotiating the request to eat three chicken nuggets before dessert, up to two, ending up nibbling on the last cold leftover before the parent surrenders and nods, the child wins for the moment.

Hopefully unvaccinated adults (if they still live) and former football coaches who disagreed with attempts to protect our communities from COVID, ended up with better health outcomes for themselves. and their loved ones, even though they HATE Gov, Inslee. If you don’t like the warrant, just protest vehemently, then move to Florida. “Waaaah, you are the worst governor ever!

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