Masked Protesters’ “Bullying” Tactics Are Not Good | EDITORIAL


The right to peaceful protest is as ingrained in American political tradition as baseball and apple pie. But protesters are doing themselves a disservice when they cross the lines of decorum by expressing their discontent.

On Sunday, demonstrators descended on the homes of three locally elected officials to protest the COVID vaccine and the mask warrants. One of the targets, County Commissioner Tick Segerblom, told the Review-Journal that about 20 people showed up at his home that evening, honking and speaking into megaphones, chanting, “No mask, no vax “.

Mr Segerblom, who has been a supporter of mask warrants and vaccinations, said he did not feel particularly threatened but decided not to go out to talk to protesters as it was dark and he did not know what was happening. was happening. “I guess in the sense that they didn’t attack the house or shoot anyone,” he said, “it was relatively peaceful”.

Linda Cavazos, president of the Clark County School Board, had a similar experience. An estimated 30 or 40 protesters showed up at his residence around 4:30 p.m. Sunday and scampered away for two hours, waving flags and chanting. She described the experience as “just scary” and added, “It sounds more like bullying. Rather, it is intimidation. It’s just not OK.

County commissioner Jim Gibson was also said to have endured protesters at his home in Henderson that evening.

The calendar of events indicates that this was a coordinated event, but so far no one has taken responsibility for the insane stunts. It is one thing to demonstrate in the street or in front of an office or government building. It is another to descend into residential neighborhoods to harass individual targets in the privacy of their homes. While this despicable tactic – which has unfortunately become common among radical activists from all walks of life – is not illegal in many cases, it is a mark of ethical bankruptcy and an invitation to violence.

Yes, Mr. Segerblom, Mr. Gibson and Ms. Cavazos are elected officials who must tolerate public criticism of their actions and political positions. But those who oppose their views on the COVID warrants – or anything else, for that matter – should show a little character and limit their protests to the Clark County Government Center or the school district administration building rather than to drag neighbors and family members of their targets into the conflict.

Instead, Sunday’s protesters only managed to smear themselves and the very cause they claimed to be promoting.


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